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December 26, 2022
"Fraudulent company IMHO"
Ordered 10 coins in mid-November 2022 from usagovmint.com. Charged my credit card. Then they tried to double the cost of the coins. So I had to cancel. But they didn't respond whatsoever. Finally, after the expected shipment date of arrival, then sent a note stating the order was cancelled. BUT NO REFUND TO DATE and no response. Had to report them as fraudulent to Citi Bank. DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!
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December 23, 2022
"Happy 20+ year customer!"
It is hard to get new coins on the first release day. But have I ever been ripped off? Never in over 20 years as a customer. I always received what I paid for, timely, and never returned any coins. It is frustrating when the site crashes. They are improving this—slowly. But they are not ripping anyone off. No way.
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September 14, 2021
"What a F**KING JOKE!!!"
3 new product releases in a row
I had them in my bag and clicked checkout
Then I couldn’t get back in for hours. And when I finally could - sold out.
This is complete BS!!!
And if you call to complain - it’s always YOUR fault
Fix your crap!!!
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August 31, 2021
"No longer trust them"
No longer trust them. Aside from bots buying up coins minutes after release my account was breached and unauthorized changes made to it. Even with an extremely strong password this still happened. It is quite clear they have massive security issues protectting customers data. As soon as changes were made to my account I did get a standard security email alert and immedietely called the Mint and ordered my entire account purged and wiped clean and flag as hacked. And they did so and alertted their security so I give some credit on that.

They need to do a top-down thorough review of security before I ever do business with them ever again.
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August 13, 2021
"Horrible website and lousy customer service"
This organisation is the worst federal agency I have ever seen. Completely incompetent staff. When you attempt to purchase a high demand item the site crashes when you attempt to checkout after all the information is entered and you hit purchase. After a few minutes of this everything has been sold to the scalpers. Creating an account is also useless as it still crashes during checkout. They need to fire the entire staff and hire a couple of sixth graders to fix their website. I did manage to make one purchase, only to receive an email a few weeks later that they were cancelling the order unless I contacted customer service within 48 hours. That was a waste of time. After 15 tries I got through and was put on hold for two hours before they disconnected me. I am contacting the relevant congressional oversight committees to see if they can motivate them to improve, or fire the whole bunch.
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June 25, 2021
"The US Mint needs a complete OVERHAUL!"
The US Mint needs to be completely OVERHAULED, gutted of all employees and "management" and rebuilt for the modern era. Their antiquated and outdated systems that allow for BOTS to purchase all inventory seconds after a product goes live, needs to be addressed first and foremost. Next their antiquated payment system and outdated policies around orders, need to be updated to the 21st Century and take into account the fact that most users will have their credit card info stolen in some breach by soulless hackers and their credit cards will be cancelled. They need to have a mechanism in place to allow for the updating of payment information, especially on products that will not be released again. I fought hard to get an order placed only to be told, after my CC had to be cancelled, that my order will be cancelled if the CC used 5-6 months earlier to order the item, isn't available. This is in direct reference to the 2021 "CC" and "O" Morgan Silver Dollars that will not ship until October. But somehow they can't find a way to update my payment information in the 5+ months it's going to take them to punch and eventually ship those coins? It's unacceptable business practices like this that are fueling the hostility, hatred and resentment towards the US Mint. Unless we voice our concerns and complaints, nothing will change and may only get worse.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue nor the only one this issue has ever affected, but I'm sure as hell not going to sit quietly by while they blatantly cancel my order when all they need to do is update the payment info from the very account they were ordered through. If that is a problem, if the system they use is incapable of such a mundane task, then yes, the whole system needs to be gutted and rebuilt. Just because you're a government entity doesn't mean you can treat customer like crap and get away with it.
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August 06, 2020
"Plays too many games"
US Mint is very dishonest and plays too many games. In January received loyalty program email stating I qualify for free shipping. Next day receive email stating free shipping offer sent in error. Have placed several orders since. Forced cs reps to honor free shipping.

11/14/19, attempted to order 2019S enhanced proof dollar. Unsuccessful. Mint didn’t disclose could place order next day.

8/5/20 received email 2019S dollar available again. When I click on link, coin unavailable. Called mint cs. Was told limited number of coins available. Ni longer available again.

US mint is extremely unethical and plays too many games with customers. They are a cluster fuq of an agency and should be sued. Filed bbb complaint. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH US MINT!
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